Established since 1933

Since our first tour in 1933, we’ve gone further than anyone else to inspire young minds. 

Put simply, we’ve been doing this longer than anyone else. We make designing your learning experience look easy because our 83 years gives us a head start.

Key Milestones

1933 School Travel Service (STS) founded
1950 School Travel Service (STS) take schools on Ski Trips
1980 Camp Beaumont founded
1985 Camp Beaumont launched Kingswood Educational Activity Centres
1988 Kingswood opened- Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
1996 Kingswood opened- West Runton, North Norfolk
1998 Kingswood opened- Isle of Wight, Bembridge
1998 SkiPlan founded
1999 Kingswood opened- Overstrand Hall, North Norfolk
1999 Kingswood opened- Chateau Chauntereine, Normandy, France
2005-7 STG acquired Equity Travel, Pavilion Tours, UK Connection, Kuoni Schools and Neilson Schools
2008 Kingswood and STG merged to form Education Travel Group 

2010 Kingswood opened- Colomendy North Wales
2010 Kingswood opened- Grosvenor Hall, Kent
2012 Kingswood opened- Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire
2013 School Travel Service celebrated 80 years of providing the best in school travel
2014 STG simplified its brand architecture to make all its expertise available under a single name, Equity  
2014 Education Travel Group changed its name to Inspiring Learning to reflect the common purpose to all its operations; it’s what we do. The company comprises of three areas of expertise: overseas group travel (Equity), residential outdoor activity centres (Kingswood), residential and non-residential holiday camps (Camp Beaumont Day Camps, Kingswood Camps).  
2015 Kingswood Adventure Lodges launched
1950's STS Ski Trip
1990's Kingswood Trip